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Meet Lina

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Lina is a board certified specialist in vegan dietetics, and co-owner of Limi Power. Residing in greater Bern and Berlin, she began her career with nearly a decade as an vegan athlete and business high performer herself. 

Not just learning by doing, Lina got educated by the German Olympic Sport Association and the best vegan nutrition school Ecodemy. As a nationally recognized nutrition expert, Lina don’t stop to educate herself. . She regularly appears on Fitness Cooperates Streams who align with her values to showcase the ease of in corroborating nutrient dense, plant based foods, into a busy and active lifestyle.Lina is passionate about empowering athletes and highly active individuals to optimally fuel their busy lives. Based on well-accepted scientific evidence on physical health. As a board certified nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and former „Bundesliga“ athlete who still loves to compete, weight train, and climbing, as well as practice yoga Lina helps others integrate new nutrition habits with their training schedule in a realistic way.

My Vision and Values

It has always been my passion to help people develop habits that benefit them. I take a motivational and non-judgmental approach to help you change your habits and find a strategy that works for you. My approach is to understand who you are, what worked and didn’t work for you in the past to help you achieve your current goal.

Even though I am specialize in plant-based nutrition, I will never force you to go vegan or judge you for eating animal products. We accept any client who has an interest in plant-based nutrition, whether omnivore or vegan. Changing your habits and maintaining them is not an easy task. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently and above all to be able to maintain them.

Nutritionist B.Sc.  -

IU University

Vegan Nutritionist -


Performance Precision Coach - Inex Academy

Functional Nutrition Coach - Inex Academy

Trainer A - Licence 


Licences & Education

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