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Online Coaching

That's Include

Individual Training and Nutrition Plans

Each month you get new plans that are costumeized to your life circumstances and fitness level. All preferences, allergies, time availabilities as well you taste will be considered for your nutrition plan.

Easy access via App

You will find all plans, recipies and your personal progress in my app. You can get direct in contact with me, chat or share pictures to ensure you are on tracking the plans right or adapt your journey in no time to your circumstances.

Weekly Check in's

Every week we will have a check in and talk about your progress. That's how we ensure that you stay on track, get your extra portion of motivation and having all time the right concept to your current lifestyle..

Innovative Online coaching 

After a personal interview and a detailed questionnaire, you will receive individual nutrition and training plans from me. We are in personal contact and you have the option of accessing all your plans via the app, tracking your successes and sharing them with me. Pocket-sized nutritional advice and personal training.

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